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FREE Fitness Assessment & Consultation

Our Certified Training staff will gather information on your base line fitness levels in areas of strength, cardiovascular health, and flexibility. Our trainers will then will make programming recommendations and help you map your strategy to achieve the goals that you set

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Private Fitness Coaching

  • One on one coaching with a Certified Personal Trainer
  • Begins with a Premium Fitness Diagnostic by your Coach
  • Custom designed programming based you on your personal fitness diagnostic.

Small Group Fitness Coaching

  • 2 – 4 people training at same time with Certified Personal Trainer 
  • Begins with a Premium Fitness Diagnostic
  • Customized programs focused on the success of all participants

Specialty Camps & Workshops

Be on the lookout for revolving specialty camps and workshops including:

  • Kettlebell Instruction
  • Bootcamps
  • Advanced TRX Suspension Training
  • Olympic/Powerlifting
  • Spartan-Style Endurance Training
  • Weight Loss Challenge Groups
  • Mobility Training and much more!

Training sessions can be purchased individually or in 5, 10, or 20 session packages. Per session pricing is discounted at each tier.

Please schedule your FREE Consultation today for complete pricing information from your coach or stop by the front desk for a current rate sheet.  

Mana Shigematsu


Bio and photo coming soon...

Abi Dawn Stearns


Abi Dawn Stearns is a fit mom of two very active daughters, a personal trainer/fitness coach, and a competitive NPC fitness athlete holding 2 first place and one 2nd place awards. She is currently studying for her latest certification with the NSCA while enjoying helping others reach their fitness goals and live the healthy fit life.

Her style of training is focused on each individual’s goals with a specialty in building lean muscle mass. Whether your goal be to learn proper form, lose weight, build muscle, discover proper nutrition or compete one day, Abi is a strict believer in consistency and hard work!

Jane Riley


M.S., B.A. Internationally Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutritional SpecialistI have one mantra when thinking about my fitness career, and that it is that; “everyone who has ever read my words, heard my words or met me and followed my advice is better off than they were before.” This code of ethics has served me well over the past decades of my fitness career. I love learning new exercise techniques and expanding my personal repertoire of modalities so that I may better serve those people who become my clients, my students, my readers and my friends. Over the years, my education, and experience has allowed me to successfully train everyone from children with weight issues to the elderly infirm, to world class athletes to those who need rehabilitation. I look forward to meeting you at KAC and assisting you with your exercise program and your nutritional program as well.

Robert Merkel


Robert Merkel is an AFAA certified personal fitness trainer and certified TRX instructor. Having 20+ years experience and passion for team sports, his workouts focus on weightlifting, functional fitness, high and low intensity cardio while incorporating speed, quickness, and agility. He enjoys working with people of all ages and levels while individualizing workouts to “Make Your Body Your Machine”!! Stop in to Kauai Athletic Club to schedule a consultation with Robert Today!

Natalie Senyk


Natalie is a ‘movement enthusiast’ and a Certified Personal Trainer and group fitness instructor. She employs a holistic, integrated approach to fitness by incorporating an arsenal of strategies to build lean, strong, functional bodies. She helps her clients embrace and live a healthy, active life with a body that supports all of their unique endeavors and adventures. Stop by the Lihue facility to meet with Natalie for a free fitness consultation where you can discuss your fitness goals and together develop and refine your path of wellness.

Brooke Sunahana


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Andrea Edouars


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Cameron McFarland


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Tiffany Smith


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Mike Sudzina


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David Johnson


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Bryson Reis


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