group FITNESS classes at kauai athletic club

We Fit Together!

For VALUE and VARIETY you cannot beat the group exercise programs offered at the Kauai Athletic Club  To be optimally fit it is important to DIVERSIFY YOUR WORKOUTS. With over 75 classes weekly at our two locations it is easy to MAP A WEEKLY CLASS SCHEDULE that incorporates the 5 KEY ELEMENTS OF FITNESS TRAINING.

5 KEY ELEMENTS TO REMEMBER:  Cardio Exercise, Strength Training, Core Exercises, Balance, and Stretching.  Check out our color coded class schedule and PICK YOUR MIX to achieve all 5 every week!

All Kauai Athletic Club group exercise programs are led by an EXCEPTIONAL TEAM of certified and experienced Group Fitness Instructors and Certified Personal Trainers. 

Group Exercise Schedule (Both Locations)

To print out the schedule CLICK HERE